Undercounter Chiller Freezer -Chiller CF-UC2DACF


1200(L)x600(W)x1850(H)mm Chiller



SKU: 1200(L)x750(W)x1850(H)mm Category:


Undercounter Chiller Freezer -Chiller

Model: CF-UC2DAC/F


Exterior Di-mension: 1200x600x1850mmHt

Warrenty: 1 year

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1200(L)x600(W)x850(H)mm Chiller, 1200(L)x750(W)x850(H)mm Chiller, 1800(L)x600(W)x850(H)mm Chiller, 1800(L)x750(W)x850(H)mm Chiller, 1200(L)x600(W)x850(H)mm Freezer, 1200(L)x750(W)x850(H)mm Freezer, 1800(L)x600(W)x850(H)mm Freezer, 1800(L)x750(W)x850(H)mm Freezer


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